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2022 MS Social: Finally Returns!

On Friday, May 13, the MS community had the first MS Social event in over 2 years. The theme of the MS Social was “Beach Bonfire”. The HOP, Jalsa, and the Rock Garden became the dancing zone, movie theater, chill zone, food zone, and sports area. It happened after school (ASAs were replaced and canceled), and many students wore beach clothes. The most important thing was, that they had to stay until it was finished for safety.

The first highlights were the Dancing Zone and the Photo Booth, in the Hall of Peace (HOP). The HOP was decorated with fairy lights and lanterns with a burning bonfire shown on the screen. Black paper blocked all the light from the windows, and a few lamps shone in the place, creating an exciting mood. The front part of the HOP was the dancing zone with fun music.

There was a prepared playlist for the event and unfortunately, song requests were NOT available because they MIGHT be inappropriate for school. The song, Gangnam Style was the most popular. All the students danced to the music, especially the Gangnam Style and K-pops. At 5:00 pm, there was a Limbo Time. Two people held the bar, and all the participant students passed through the bar.

The photo booth was behind the dancing zone. Participants could take their photos to stay in front of the green screen and check out their images by seeing the adjusted camera.

There was also a Movie Zone in Jalsa 1. The name of the film was Moana. The Jalsa was dark and quiet, decorated with stringed fish, seashells, and two palm trees for the film, Moana. There were many relaxing chairs for the students to watch.

Photo by AES MS CC/BY

The Chill Zone was a place for peace and quiet in Jalsa 2. A fuse ball playing area and another photo zone were in the space between the Jalsa 2 and the HOP. There were some quiet games to relax and play quietly. It was decorated with fabrics and dark lamps. There was chess, guitars, and other board games to help the participants relax, play, and talk with their friends. Students who were tired could get some rest there.

Photo by AES MS CC/BY

Finally, the Rock Garden was for SPORTS! This was the place for sports, food, and beverages. The sports were ‘corn hole’ and ‘beach ball’. There were cookies, fruit punch, strawberry smoothies, mango ice cream bars, quesadillas, pizzas, and fruit kebabs on the food table. Many people enjoyed themselves there when they were not interested in movies or dancing.

Photo by AES MS CC/BY

I hope all the participating students could enjoy the MS Social last Friday! All the areas in the HOP, Jalsa and the Rock Garden were graced with wonderful beach-themed objects, foods, and lights. Everyone danced to the stirring songs and ate delicious food and drinks. Sometimes, we can get really exhausted and tired, but we continued to enjoy the fantastic event.

Thanks to the preparation committee, DJs, and Ms. Wilcott!

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