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AES @ 65

Last Tuesday, the whole school celebrated AES’s 65th anniversary by wearing our school colors and getting organized into the number 65 (believe it or not, it was HARD at ground level). 65 years ago, our school was created. 65 years later, with many changes and a bigger community, AES still remains to be the ‘home away from home’ for those apart of the community. The final product of our get-together last Tuesday is pretty amazing. Up for a challenge? Spot yourself!

While we were all down at the Tiger Turf, going through all that we did (save your experiences for later, people), a time-lapse was even recorded! Take a look at that progress. Isn’t it incredible? Isn’t it also incredible to be part of a milestone here at AES? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it. Especially when you get to look back on that day and get to say: “I was apart of that.”

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