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AES : Still much to improve

     If you are currently experiencing the last days of seventh grade, you probably already know that during the last couple of weeks the advisory classes have been concentrating on environmental empathy. The 7th graders had a tour of the school where they could see how the air that they breath inside the school is being filtrated, where the food that they leave in the cafeteria goes, how is the water that they drink being cleaned, etc.

   Now that the students understand how our school works, they can get an idea of how the school can be further improved. I asked 7th graders for their opinion about this project and if they have any suggestions how to improve our environment here at AES.

    Happy to help, Dowoo shared his personal thoughts: “Before doing this project I thought that our school is perfect. After seeing the videos about other amazing schools during advisory I realized that our suggestions can make a change. Now I started to observe how many things can be still improved in our school. I’ve been thinking and one thing that can be added in our school would be a ramp to the Health Office. It would be really helpful for everyone in case of an emergency.”

    After all, each student will have to come up with at least one suggestion during the next week. Between 29 and 31 May the 7th grade students will be working on The End of The Year Project which consists of coming up with ideas that can improve our school not only educationally, but also socially and environmentally. Students already have some ideas, such as placing a futsal table in the hallways and adding one more break in our schedules. A cooking class was another stunning idea that one of the students came up with. Hopefully many of this ideas will be taken in consideration and applied for the next year.  

  I’m sure the school will look slightly different when we come back the next year and we will all acknowledge how our opinion can have an impact on our society here at AES and how it is going to have an impact for the rest of our lives.

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