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Air Travel During COVID-19

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We all know that we need to stay home as much as possible during COVID to ensure safety as well as our health and others. But what if you're traveling somewhere?

So first off, why would people need to use air #travel? Well, a lot of people, in general, take vacations every so often. People usually like to go out of their countries or at least their city. When people do go on vacations or even work trips, a lot of the time they use planes as their mode of transportation, it’s Coventry if you're needing to go far and pretty much one of the only ways to go across an ocean. A plane ride is a lot faster than a car ride.

“A319” by Bernal Saborio G. (berkuspic) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

During COVID, no one should travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. But what if you need to travel somewhere? These are some things that should be taken into consideration: (Source: CDC)

Are you or is someone around you sick or not feeling well?
Are the cases at a high number in your destination?

This fight won't be like any other flight you’ve taken before, I can guarantee you that. Before the flight it’s mandatory to have a negative COVID test. Once this has happened the precautions don't stop there. When you are on the flight you should wear an N-95 mask. They are the safest masks to use, you should use this mask as opposed to a cloth mask in addition to getting the right mask you should also try to keep it on the entire flight if your able.

When finding a seat try to find an empty row of seats and book the one nearest to the window, this helps you be farther away from others such as other passengers and flight attendants. If you're not able to get a row to yourself try to get at least one seat in the middle of you two, a little space is better than nothing. The flight attendants may also move you around according to how full your flight is.

Once you’ve found your seat get your virus cleaning wipes or at the very least some 99.9% disinfectant hand sanitizer and some clean cloth (tissue), wipe down your seat itself, the arm rests, the tray table and tv (if you have one) as well as any other places you think necessary. This is an important step because the flight attendant don’t do this in between flights. #COVID can live on plastic for up to three days.

So with all this information reconsider if your trip is necessary and if it is what you can do on the flight to ensure your health and others. This is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. Take precaution and be safe.

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