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All that happened at Met Gala

The Met Gala just happened on May 2nd, and there are many things to unveil. People's first time, drama, best dressed. Blake Lively, Emma Chamberlin, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Many celebrities were talked about. Some AES students also had their thoughts and opinions on this wild night.

Actress Blake Lively, a mom of three and husband to Ryan Reynolds, came to the Met Gala with a stunning copper Atelier Versace gown. She, unlike many of the celebrities, stuck to the theme of the night: Gilded Glamor.

One person facing much criticism about her fashion choices is Emma Chamberlin. She went to the Met Gala in a dazzling Louis Vuitton dress, but that's not what people were angry about. It's the fact that she was wearing a priceless necklace that was stolen during the British colonization of India. This piece should not be in her hands, according to most people on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian wore one of Marilyn Monroe's iconic dresses to the Met Gala. She went with her plus one, Pete Davidson. To fit into this iconic dress, she had to lose 16 pounds, which has people intrigued on what kind of message she is sending given her influence on other girls who look up to her.

Kylie Jenner went to the met gala in an Off White dress as a tribute to Virgil, the famous fashion designer, who died this year. She wore a bridal gown with a hat. Many thought her outfit was out of the theme and that she should have removed the sleeves until they understood why she wore the dress.

Overall given the fact that some people didnt quite follow the theme and all the other drama, the Met Gala this year was outstanding.

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