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ASIAC Music Festival 2023

From April 20 - 22, 51 students from band, strings, and choir went to the American School of Bombay for the ASIAC Music Festival. Unlike other ASIAC events, this was not a competition. Instead, it was a collaboration between the three schools, where students practiced and performed together.

Over the three days, they did a lot of work on our instruments (or voices). They practiced their performance pieces and participated in combined rehearsals. At the end of three days, the students had a performance where they showcased their le

Let's hear what some students had to say about this trip:

John Grade 6: “I enjoyed getting to know people from other schools (and some from ours), recognising ones that I had seen on other trips, and working with them to put on a good performance. The sense of community that was built by the trip was the main factor in enjoying it for me. Another thing was, after months of build up and practice, I was finally able to see that all come to fruition.”

Tomoki Grade 8: “My favorite part was playing in concert, which was amazing. Also i enjoyed playing basketball/volleyball with AISC/ASB people in break time”

Oakes Grade 7: “It was a really fun trip to Mumbai. We didn't have to wake up too early and we got lots of free time in the Mumbai airport and the mall in Mumbai. The mall was really fun because we got to choose dinner then get it and had 2 hours to do whatever we wanted. The performance was fun because It was the first time I've played with an ensemble that size and we got to hear the difference between the band here separate and there with everyone. Overall a really fun trip but there are some things that could've been improved for next time.”

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