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ASIAC Week: Swimming

The black and gold lane lines were dragged across the calm pool, dividing the clear water into six lanes. Students mingled nervously on the pool deck, pulling out caps, goggles, and towels, stretching themselves out for the races ahead. The coaches hung up the list of events, and brought out the stopwatches. The sound system was tested, and before anyone knew it, it was time for the races to begin.

The 400 meter freestyle kicked things off.

The swimmers stepped up onto the starting block. “Swimmers take your marks…GO!” With a splash that rippled across the pool’s clam waters, the swimmers dived in, and the 2022 ASIAC Swim Meet officially began.

Five more events including the 100m IM (a race where you do each stroke for 25 meters), 100m backstroke, and 50m breastroke followed after the 400 ended, giving everyone a chance to compete and break their previous times. Everyone enthusiastically cheered on their fellow swimmers, when they weren’t swimming themselves.

To end day one of the swim meet, students got to participate in the 200m IM relay. Relays are often fun and exciting to participate in and watch-and this one was no different. Each team had four people-one for backstroke, one for breaststroke, one for butterfly, and one for freestyle. The moment the first swimmers hit the water, the energy from the crowd sky-rocketed; everyone was cheering on their teammates-clapping, woohooing, shouting (and yes, screaming).

It was a lively end to a fun day of races-no one could wait for Saturday to arrive.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early. Each swimmer was at the pool before 8 AM, ready for the day. After hopping in the pool for a quick warmup, the 100m freestyle started things off, followed by the 50m backstroke, 100m breaststroke, 50m butterfly, 200m free, and the 200m freestyle relay.

What an end to ASIAC this year! With soccer starting us off in August, and basketball, swimming, and the academic games finishing us off, it’s been a crazy year filled with exciting sports, and we hope to see you again next year!

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