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Battle of the Books: Competing in Reading?

Battle of the books has begun, and students are beginning to read. For those of you who don't know what battle of the books is, it's where groups of 4-5 read ten books together in 4 months. The student will compete with other schools such as International school Dahaka, ACS, and a couple more. Then students then will answer questions about the books they read and see who is the top team. This event will be held online.

Battle of the books pushes students to their limits and has practical obstacles that come with it.

“I think it allows students to read different genres that usually wouldn't read. It also offers students the opportunity to talk about books together because they have to when they compete,” says Dr. Faze. Battle of the Books helps challenge students in ways that could teach them new skills to use later on.

Reading is a significant task in the battle of the books, but teamwork and students uniting in such a diverse community is a meaningful concept. “Again, it brings students together, whom they may usually not hang out with, and allows students to talk about books together,” says Dr. Faze. Making new friends is a valuable memory that the Battle of the Books creates.

Teamwork is always a priority in this school, and the battle of the books isn't any different.“Especially towards the beginning cause students have to read ten different books so, in the beginning, they can work together because not everybody has read the same books or all the books.” Says Dr.Faze.

Communication again is a superior skill that you learn in the battle of the books.“They could tell each other about the books, and it helps them learn what they could read next, and again just that connection that they all have reading the same books and working together to answer questions is a benefit.” Says Dr.Faze. It brings everyone together by just reading.

It's great to see how Dr. Faze views how well her students work through her lenses, but it's also great to see the student's point of view on Battle of the Books.

Battle of the Books pushes students since it takes a lot of time of their day. One student who is participating, Chloe, explained, “You have to read a bunch of books in a short amount of time, so sometimes that could be hard cause the books are sometimes really long.” It requires a lot of dedication.

Battle of the Books teaches the students many lessons such as the importance of, “Paying attention to important details because you get asked these questions in the most detailed things,” as Chloe told me. Another lesson is working with others.

Working together and collaborating in a community has many perks to it. “I think it's really fun. The work isn't all on you, so it's more spread out, and it's all fun to compete,” said Chloe.

Battle of the Books challenges and teaches student lessons in many ways. Not only do students read books, but they have fun and get to collaborate with other people too. Overall, Battle of the Books is a very beneficial competition.

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