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Book of the Month: The Miracles of Namiya General Store

The Miracles of the Namiya General Store by a very famous Japanese author, Keigo Higashino, is a mystery novel that has once achieved the no. 1 bestseller in Japan and South Korea. It is a work that has touched the hearts of readers in not only those two countries but also around the world.

The Miracles of the Namiya General Store takes place in an abandoned general store when three delinquents come in and a letter drops through the mail slot in the store’s shutter. Out of curiosity, the burglary trio responded to the letter and afterward, more letters dropped in. Surprisingly, they find out that those letters leap through time which means each one of them is from different time spans. Giving responses to the letters changes the three characters’ personalities too, letting them be expressed more vividly with empathy.

Mr. Yuuji Namiya, the boss of the general store named after him, used to give suggestions and advice just like a counselor to those letters that contained all various kinds of problems from different people. However, he also worried if his advice brings out misfortune to the letter-writers instead of happiness and anxiety relief. Therefore he designed a method to invite those who have written letters to him to inform him about their development and whether his advice is useful or not, thus, leading to the incredible things that occurred in the novel.

This amazing book is no wonder why it was a bestseller. You’ll immerse yourself in it as soon as you flip through the first few pages. All the scenes were able to be drawn in my head while reading and it sure was really touching. I strongly recommend this masterpiece, The Miracles of the Namiya General Store.

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