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Busy Weekend at MESAC

By Dan Militaru and Satvik Shubham

Last weekend, the MESAC JV Baseball and Softball tournament was hosted at AES. Most Friday classes were allowed to go to the Tiger Turf to witness the girls softball matches. With all the players and fans and coaches and teachers around, there were many that had thoughts on the weekend. One of the AES mascots explained that “MESAC is an opportunity to get with your friends, to showcase your ability, and to show sportsmanship and fair play.”

The spectators of the match were cheering on all the teams, especially AES, and were very enthusiastic about MESAC. The games were very intense, many coming down to the final inning of play. One parent in the crowd explained his love for MESAC tournaments: “I have been here since the beginning, and the reason for that is purely due to my love for the occasion”. Overall it seemed the spectators enjoyed the game as much as the players did.

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