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Class Council Candidates

The Class Council Candidates are here. Read what these leaders have to say, and why we should vote for them.

Keisuke Sakamoto

“I consider myself approachable and I’m friends with the majority of the class so I think I am suitable as a part of class council. I promise you that I will always put everyone’s opinions and concerns before my own because I believe that every single one of us should be heard. I’ll strive to make everyone’s freshmen year the most successful and mostly unforgettable. I understand that going into high school will be tough for all of us but I believe that it is the most memorable year and if I get the chance to be a part of class council, I will do my best to make it the greatest high school year.” 

Akshay Manglani

“I believe that I would be a valuable member of the class council in HS because I believe that I can step in another person’s shoes and really empathize for others. I want to try my leaderships skills in high school by helping and playing a major role in organizing school events such as 9 and 10th grade dances, and other nights. I really want to engage in starting new school events for sports, activities etc.( For example, a survey could be conducted to see what events students would like and a few events could be organized)  Firstly, I will be a good candidate because I have the ability to listen to others and take feedback in order to have a better and safer school. I really believe this is a perfect opportunity to promote my leadership skills. Also I have had experience in being a leader, I have done the peer facilitator program twice, the peer ambassador program once, the school climate committee twice and many other committees throughout middle school. To conclude, I believe that I would be a valuable member to the Class council in high school.”

Bharat Singh

“There are three reasons why I think that I would be a positive addition to the Class Council. Firstly, this position requires leadership skills. In terms of leadership training, I have been to a number of leadership seminars. In addition, I am the 8th grade representative for the service club ‘Reach Out’. One of my electives really cause me to be creative and quick thinking. I also think that I am open to ideas and a very collaborative person. I will enjoy planning events such as Movie Night and hope to have a positive impact on 9th graders.”

Shiv Kapoor

“I believe that I am a fitting candidate to fulfill a CC spot in 9th grade because I have leadership skills, family experience and I am very logical at planning an event. I have participated in 6 leadership seminars, and my sister was the Junior CC this year, showing that understand the time and commitment required. Also with any event I am never the first to panic, an added bonus. I feel that I would work very well as Class Counsel next year.”
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