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Community Day

The first Community Day in Aes will bring us all a lots of joy. This is what the different grade levels are going to do

6th grade

  • Walk to Narrow Park

  • games

  • Scavenger hunt

  • picnic

  • Then come back to campus to play games.

  • Go home

7th grade

  • Choice activity

  • Activity with fort

  • Hall grade reeling around campus

8th grade

  • Race around the school

  • Lunch

  • Around the world learning

  • Team time

After all this fun we will have the SOCIAL!

(Thanks to Ms. Pre, Mrs. Mack, and Mr. Nickel we got this information)

Check more information on interviews with students and teachers about the community day and Social on the direct message.

Image by Amit Shaal CC-BY. Student gather on the field for fort frenzy

#gili #aileen

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