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Current Events: Yes, There Is A World Outside Your Locker

Current events are important, and new ones happen everyday, thus the “current”. One of the regulars for these events is Donald J. Trump, mainly because of all the controversy he causes due to some of his unpresidential words.

Nowadays, current events are just covered with the U.S president and several “influencers”, such as Logan Paul, Jake Paul, etc. Well in the recent current events; one in particular is of Donald Trump, who said “we cannot allow immigrants from shi*hole countries”. He tends to cross the line, but this time, he didn’t hold back one bit. The current most popular events have definitely changed over the years, yet it has the same people everyday. Also, at night, it was reported that the First Lady would never again be joining the President Donald Trump on his trek to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as per her interchanges executive Stephanie Grisham, who referred to “booking and calculated issues” and declined to give additionally subtle elements.

In other news, Logan Paul recorded a dead man for views. What else is new? Logan Paul could be facing charges for his practical ‘crime’, and the Japanese police have investigated this situation, stating that the 22 year old cannot enter Japan until a certain amount of time. They also stated they he put the proof for himself, practically turning himself in.

His channel was officially punished because of his actions, by YouTube themselves. There was a lot of uproar caused by this incident, as Logan Paul appeared as YouTube’s golden boy. They didn’t declare a punishment initially, until there were protests. Many people were affected by this video.

Paul did not quickly react to a demand for input. The 22 year old has not posted new recordings since Jan. 2, 2018, when he transferred his statement of regret. On Jan. 3, he tweeted that he was “setting aside opportunity to reflect”. His brother, Jake, tried to defend Logan by saying that his brother was really sorry, and he didn’t mean to hurt anyone; but that doesn’t mean he didn’t hurt anyone.

In updated news, he has uploaded a new video, raising awareness about suicide. In theory, this is the best thing he could have done for his career. He is said to be donating $1million to several charities related to suicide. In his latest video, he also spoke with a man who attempted to commit suicide. His video has raised awareness and has definitely made his situation much improved.

Also, another regular in the current events today: who else but the North Korean dictator himself? Kim Jong Un is apparently setting a trap for Donald Trump with his peace treaty. He’s always in the news, and he threatened the US by saying, “There’s a nuclear button on my desk”. These are barely threats – this is reality. The 45th President of United States refers to the dictator as “Rocket Man”, which is kind of true.

Changing to another dark side, wooden boats and ships were sent to Japan, which is relatively okay, until you realize that they were filled with the corpses of North Korean people. The highest number of corpses found in Japan sent from North Korea was last year; when the Japanese police found a number of 104 dead people.

Article by Satvik Shubham and Dan Militaru

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