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EA Sports FC 24

The new standard edition of the game EA Sports FC 24 is coming out today and I am really excited, but I am going to miss a few things from FIFA 23.

You might have heard of the FIFA game franchise starting in the year 1993 and going all the way up to 2022. FIFA 23 is the last ever FIFA game due to the partnership between FIFA and EA Sports coming to an end because they struggled to meet an agreement on the money. EA Sports is still making a football game, just without the FIFA name and the licensing for the World Cup, thus FC 24.

The ultimate edition of EA Sports FC 24 came out on September 22, and you can now get the standard edition. The standard edition costs $69.99, and the Ultimate edition costs $99.99 because it comes with a bunch of benefits for ultimate team where you can create your own team and play against others online.

If you have an older FIFA, like FIFA 22 or below, you should buy the game only if you play FIFA often because you will notice a big difference, and there are different in-game mechanics. If you have FIFA 23, then the only differences you would notice are the menu and the customization of your player, and many other things to do in a manager and player career like, in your player career, you have an agent instead of you doing all the business and different traits your player can have.

In a manager career, you can have other coaches help you improve your team, but overall, the EA Sports FC 24 game is more realistic than the other FIFA games. There are some differences in ultimate team, like female football players can be on your team, and new jerseys for the teams.

Due to some licensing issues, some teams are going to have different logos, jerseys, and face scans like in the Italian league. The Serie A Atalana Bergamo will be called Bergamo Calcio, Lazio will be called Latium, and Napoli will be called Napoli FC because the teams are not licensed.

I am excited for this game to come out for everyone and think it is worth the cost for the standard edition, because I think the Ultimate edition is worth it because I don’t play ultimate team that much.

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The problem with Fifa is that it is nearly the same game everytime, though this problem is mostly solved with fc 24, it is still there. There are other gaming series such as Pokemon with this problem.@Adam Ali

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