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Everything you need to know about the New MS Kiosk.

The middle school kiosk has been closed since the school first closed for COVID in March 2021. It finally reopened on September 12th to much excitement, but it has not been as popular as expected. Here is everything you need to know about the brand MS Kiosk.

Who runs the MS Kiosk?

AES Food Services run the MS kiosk, and Ms. Mac and Ms. Clifton make the menu decisions.

What does the MS Kiosk serve?

The MS Kiosk is based on a balanced and nutritional menu, unlike the Tiger's Kiosk, which has sweet drinks and sugar-filled snacks.

Where is the MS Kiosk?

The MS Kiosk is in front of the entrance to the MS building and next to the bathroom on the ground floor.

Photo by Mr. Currey CC-BY Mr. Deepak and ?? stand waiting to serve students at the new MS Kiosk, but the lines have not been all that long due to the new 'healthy' menu.

When is the Kiosk available?

The MS kiosk is available before school from 8 AM to 5 minutes before classes start and during breaks, but it closes 5 minutes before classes and is also open after school.

Menu Changes

There has been a lot of discussion about the choice of a healthy menu amongst students, so The Direct Message team sat down with Ms. Mac to get answers to all of your questions.

Why have you chosen a healthy menu?

Because there is a lot of research that proves that a healthy menu is good for the brain and the body, it also proves that high amounts of sugar make students hyperactive and unable to concentrate and make students tired.

Do you think a healthy menu will help students academically?

It will help them academically because it will help them concentrate. After all, the nutritional menu keeps their energy levels high with good nutrition and not junk food.

Have you considered the possibility of making homemade popcorn in the MS kiosk? Aarav on our team suggested you pressure cook it with minimal oil and no salt, then add chaat masala, "because we students deserve quality, homemade food: if you don't, we won't buy.

We see this is a good idea, but until you can convince me that Middle School students won't leave a mess, we might consider adding it soon. We need to make a format for the popcorn, and the Kiosk is still in its early days. Will it be added later? The masala chat will be better in colder times.

Will you change the flavor of the smoothie at the Kiosk? Students complain about the taste and that it should be changed.

The smoothies at the MS kiosk are sugar-free and are based on the fruit season, so if it were to change, it would be in the next season, winter.

Big Plans for the Future

The food services of AES have decided to give a month to see which items at the Kiosk are popular and keep those. The least popular items will be removed and new items added from that point.

But maybe there is something more that can be done. Student input could make a difference. Leave a message in the comments letting us know what items you would like to see added to the Kiosk menu. Remember, the menu won't add 'junk' food, but that doesn't mean that we can't have great health, and delicious choices.

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