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Exit Interviews: Ms. Karen Dunmire

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 65 middle school teachers and 8 teachers are leaving, The Direct Message will post an ‘Exit Interview’ that we conducted with each of these educators.

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Mrs. Karen Dunmire

Years at AES: 1 year 2017-2018

Next Stop: Wilmington, New York

Courses Taught: Principal

What will you miss the most about AES?

I will miss the people and the Masala Chai!

What is the best part about being a teacher at AES?

“I love the students and their boundless energy and ideas.

What are your plans for next year and what are your thoughts about this next step?

“I will retire for the third time, going home to the mountains of Wilmington, NY. I will once again volunteer with our fire department as an EMT, and will volunteer for many winter sports events (biathlon, ski jumping, cross-country, down hill skiing). I will also go to the Netherlands and probably to Poland to spend time with friends.

How do you hope your students and colleagues will remember you?

“I’d like the to remember me as fun-loving and not too serious!”

What message would you like to leave for the community at AES?

“Be kind and remember that life is short. Remember to live life to the fullest and don’t take yourself too seriously!”


What the teachers had to say.


Mr. Fumi

What will you remember about Ms. Dunmire?

Ms. Dunmire came here after her retirement, but the energy that she shows us makes me wonder like “Was she really retired?” Her humor is the one I remember about her. She supported students activities including MS Math Night.

What is a funny or memorable story that you have about Ms. Dunmire?

(1) I still remember her lesson of “How to walk properly in a hallway” in one of the assemblies.  And she does practice it!

(2) I received the e-mail from her at 1:30am!!!  When does this woman sleep?

What makes Ms. Dunmire unique?

One of the characteristics I expect from principals is ‘humor.’  Ms. Dunmire is funny (like above examples).  My interaction with her was always starting with funny stories and jokes!  She makes me laugh.  I understand that It was challenging to be here only for one year to do everything Mrs. Coyle did but she worked for Mrs. Clifton to take over her job during this year.  It’s not an easy job.

Another one: Often we forget the safety in school.  People talk about it but they aren’t serious about it.  Ms. Dunmire always cares for the safety of students.  Our life is more important than the grades and the math levels, right?  So she helps us bring more awareness of safety, including hallway walking and fire drills.


Ms. Gamette

What will you remember about Ms. Dunmire?

I will remember her hearty laughter and her love for samosas and chai.

What is a funny or memorable story that you have about Ms. Dunmire?

In our school assembly she has offered dancing lessons to students who run to the cafeteria for lunch.

What makes Ms. Dunmire unique?

She has lived in many different countries and has many stories to tell. She has worked in many different roles and volunteered in a variety of organizations.


Mr. Currey

What will you remember about Ms. Dunmire?

Ms. Dunmire really likes to laugh. No matter the situation, she will find some way to inject a little bit of laughter.

What is a funny or memorable story that you have about Ms. Dunmire?

When Ms. Dunmire came to visit AES last year, she came to one of the faculty meetings and we had deviled eggs there. Someone (Mr. Khuene) told her that all the teachers love deviled eggs and that we should have them at every meeting. So for the first six weeks of school, we always had deviled eggs, and Mrs. Dunmire always proudly announced, “I got those deviled eggs! Everyone eat up!” But the thing is…very few teachers really like them that much, and certainly not enough to want them at every meeting. She eventually figured that out, and now she gets us our real favorite food…mini-tacos!

What makes Ms. Dunmire unique?

I think you have to be really brave to come to a school as an interim principal. It is not an easy job because there are so many things to learn that are unique to any place. Ms. Dunmire is unique in her willingness to take on such a hard job with a smile on her face!

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