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Fire in the Building

It is no surprise that there was a fire at school today. All middle school students were then taken to the HOP, and had to wait for the building to be all clear. Delhi Police and Fire Department officials were also on site. The Direct Message reporters (Harshita, Jaden, Ayman) are here to give you some insight on what happened, as everyone deserves to know. As we were not allowed to go to the actual power plant room, we have details by Mrs. Schmid.

“It was not a drill. The power plant room is right below the pool. The fear is of course that it generates all the power for the school. If something was to happen down there, it could impact electricity throughout the campus. I do know that what made it complicated was that when the fire department went to extinguish the fire- there was a lot of smoke. They didn’t know whether it was smoke from the fire, or the aftermath from extinguishing it.” -Mrs. Schmid

Later, we had Mrs. Schmid come up to us and give a surprising update. Mrs. Stern, our School Director, sent an email out to all parents.

“At 1PM today a fire alarm went off in our electrical plant room. A swift evacuation of the students took place. All students were accounted for. We determined safe indoor locations to bring them in from the heat.  Investigation revealed no fire. Students have returned to class and dismissal will take place as usual.” – Mrs. Stern, updating parents via email

There was no fire at all. So the good news is that despite all the confusion, everyone is safe. And don’t worry, school will continue as normal.

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