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Fort Frenzy, Round A

Oh boy, group A just had a wonderful day out in the sun, playing games for their forts - Peela, Neela, Laal, and Hara battled it out on Wednesday and they battled hard. From freezing our toes off to running across the school in a scavenger hunt, it is safe to say that Fort Frenzy was a bundle of fun.

Students took photos for the scavenger hunt. Image by Hara CC-BY

Laal getting ready to play heads up. Image by Ms. Mac CC-BY

Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

My team (Peela 3) did great. We had such a blast and it was the greatest thing of the semester for me and many more. Daniel in grade 8 said, “Well that exceeded my expectations.”

The teachers also had a blast as they cheered on the students while the activities were going on. Mr. Hoiseth, a 6th-grade teacher said, "Fort Frenzy was awesome this year!! I think everyone really needed to get outside, sun around and have some fun!!"

Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

During the competition, it was an all-out war as students fought tooth and nail to win.

Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

The Fort Cup is the most prized thing in middle school for many. Some people were even willing to power through injuries to help their teams. I sprained my ankle badly, but still kept playing because I wanted to win.

This was also a good relationship builder for students. Friendships were made because people met each other, some for the first time.

But let’s talk about the games and the results.

The Games

  • Capture the flag

  • scavenger hunt

  • basketball

  • heads up

  • cup stacking

  • icy toes

  • relay Rubix cubes

  • tic tac toe.

All games were hosted by different teachers but they all were fun. Here are my top 3.

  1. heads up

  2. icy toes

  3. basketball hoops / tic tac toe

Did you have a favourite game? Leave a comment and let us know.

But let’s talk about the most talked about event of all…ICY TOES.

Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

Man what an event, I almost did not do it, and once I did I almost got a frostbite. Like sticking your feet in that bucket was funny...but painful. The goal was to get 10 marbles out; one of my teammates got 9 in 60 seconds - I heard some people got 10.

But seriously, who thought of this, whoever it is, you are a genius.


All right the time you’ve all been waiting for - the current leaderboard:

4th Place - Laal

Tied for 2nd Place - Hara and Neela

Winner - Peela

Yes go Peela and congrats to everyone else. Next week group B will be playing for their fort. Even only online people will play their own version of fort frenzy. I myself am Peela and will wish luck to everyone playing next week...especially Peela.

Fort Frenzy ended with a group pic. Image by Ms. Streaver CC-BY

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Mar 10, 2021

I loved it, got some good shots in aswell, until I made it so I could not walk


Isaac Currey
Isaac Currey
Mar 10, 2021

I liked the basketball game. :)

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