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Got some free time? Why not try out an ASA!

“It's that time of year again, no it's not christmas. It's time to choose a new ASA for quarter 4. This quarter has by far a lot more variety in ASA’s weather that means on or off campus activities or just in general what they are offering. A great way to find out what the school is offering this quarter is by going to the aesmsstudent website. There will be some of the same ASA’s offered as last quarter but also a whole new bunch of stuff.

The middle school is offering more sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. These sports will have practice on Tuesday or Thursday (depending whether you're on A or B day) at 3:45-5:00 pm and also have a saturday practice for all the A and B kids at 8:00-10:00 am at the corresponding places. You can learn so much more on the ASA padlet. AES will not provide ways to get home such as a bus.

Image by Mr. Currey CC-BY

Quarter 4’s ASA’s will start on April 12th and end on May 21st. Registration is open from April 5th (Monday) to April 7th (Wednesday). To sign up you just fill out this simple google form to inform the middle school what ASA you would like to attend, these fill up quickly so make such to get your spot. If you decide after April 7th but before the 12th that you want to attend the ASA, email Mr. Currey at to ask. If you sign up for an ASA but can not attend, please notify the teacher of the ASA of when you can not attend. A link to the google form is here, it can also be found on the ms student website (linked earlier).

COVID-19 plays a big role in this, now weather thats good or bad, ill leave that up to you to decide. The school is offering ASA’s online as well as in person. The number for on campus ASA’s is limited due to safety reasons. Most on campus ASA’S are held outside with open air. When singing up, ask yourself if this is something you really want to do, because other wise you may take up another students spot.

Have fun at the ASA of your choosing!

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