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Grade 6&7 course selection

It’s time to start choosing your electives for the next school year, this article will help you do just that & give you some information! Grade 7 marks the first time you can take classes that are specific to you and your interests. You get to dive deeper into topics that you are interested in, or even topics that you may not be interested in but are curious about and what to try out.

When choosing courses, you pick four. This has changed over the years, it used to be you’d pick your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th option in the way that you like the classes most, now you just pick your 4 electives, the reason for 4 is because sometimes you need a backup option if the class doesn’t fit in with your schedule or it’s too full etc. you may have a very specific class like Spanish expanding, there is only one Spanish expanding so your schedule is built around that class.

Mr Webster says if it’s possible he’ll try, but if it’s not there's no way he can make it possible. “Let’s start with the ideal and work backwards” he says, because more than likely you will never get your ideal schedule because it just doesn't work with your core classes or that very specific class. The MS counselors are building a schedule for 300 people so it’s best to stay flexible.

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