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Leadership Seminar!

Last Saturday was the second leadership seminar in 2017-2018. We learned about what servant leadership means. After Mr. Webster explained what it means, we swap shoes and asked each other questions to know better. Then we had a table challenge where we had to pass a marble using pipes and toilet paper rolls. This challenge was my favorite because I got to do an important job that helped my team.

Keshav Saigal says “Since I’m an 8th grader and I don’t have a chance to talk to 6th graders, Leadership was a very nice opportunity to talk with them. And I had so much fun!”

From my perspective there were a lot of 7th graders than the 8th graders. Since we are the leaders we need to go to leadership seminar and show our skills so I hope next semester, 8th graders will show up.

*Next leadership will be on February 24th ‘Save the date!’

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