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Leaving Students: Seventh Grade

This year, 11 seventh graders are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Every day, we will publish interviews for those students who will be leaving.

Opal Chadwick

It was new and different. I'm not sure. Next year, I will be in the Washington D.C. area.

Amira Taylor

My experience of AES has been quick, fun, exciting, nice and a new experience. I will go back to Australia.

Aurelia Danielson Castillo

This is my first year as well as my last. My experience in AES has been nice, interesting, fun, stressful, and dramatic. I'm not sure how I want people to remember me. Next year I will be in D.C where I plan to stay for 5 years.

Manet Kaur

I have been at AES for almost 4 years. Based off that, i would describe my experience at AES as Fun, dramatic, and Meaningful. I made so many great memories, and I participated in the first ever ASIAC music. But if i had to write about my favorite part of being here, it would be my friends that made this experience better than i ever could have imagined. They were the reason i came to school everyday, and i dont know how i could possibly thank them enough. But for now i will stick to writing. They always made me laugh, and i wish they will remember me as the funny one (i hope) that always tried to make you laugh. Overall, My experience at AES has been great. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and the teachers were always ready to help. I wish the other students all the best in 8th grade!

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