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Lockdown . . . here we go again

A weekend-long lockdown has just been announced amid an alarming rise in Covid-19 cases. The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, assured that this lockdown has only gone into effect to reduce transmission.

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Here are some of the most recent restrictions:

  • Public spaces such as malls, gyms, auditoriums, and spas will remain shut.

  • Essential services will be allowed; people traveling to and from airports and train stations will be given curfew passes.

  • Movie theaters will be allowed to function with 30% of audiences.

  • Restaurants will be allowed to operate under takeaway services as dine-in options will be unavailable.

Most students that attend AES live in Delhi, so they are directly affected by this sudden lockdown. One student confessed, “I knew this was coming..honestly, looking at the way Covid is spreading, it was bound to happen.” Another student shared this perspective, “I was actually planning to meet up with a friend of mine this weekend, but after this news, I can’t. I’ll feel really bored.”

Please keep in mind that this post is just for informative purposes. To stay up-to-date with new Covid-19 restrictions, please look through the information provided by your news service of choice.

The Direct Message hopes everyone stays safe!

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