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Lockdown Survival!

More than a year has passed since the covid-19 pandemic has started, but we still couldn’t go back to the normal days and the current situation in India is worse than ever. As a consequence, the lockdown has reached a point where it cannot help but be enforced. However, as long as this pandemic goes on, the best thing we can do is to accept the reality and figure out a way we can adapt to this whole new world.

Lockdown simply means staying nowhere else but at home to avoid the infection. For the side effects, people are falling into depression and anxiety which is also known as the ‘corona blue’. Bereavement, isolation, loss of income and fear are triggering mental health conditions and for sure it’s hard to think positively at this moment.

So, what should we do to prevent falling into depression or lethargy and stay healthy at home? Here are some tips given by the Direct Message Team you might want to take a look at:

Q) What’s something that you do at home to stay healthy physically and mentally? Is there your own way to get out of boredom and stay fit?

Sam: Something I do at home to stay healthy physically is that I just do push-

ups every day or just sit ups. To stay healthy mentally, I play with my cat to relieve my stress or take naps.

Hannah: When I’m bored at home I normally watch tv, read a book, play a game with a family member or, if needed, I clean. To stay active I do workout videos on YouTube or sometimes go on a walk with my mom (wearing masks of course).

Grace: To stay healthy me and my family sometimes go to gym or walk around

campus. When I get bored I like to bake, watch tv, or sometimes draw and paint.

Jungyoon: I want to recommend word search. It won’t help you to be healthy physically but it might help you to make your brain healthy. When I am bored I like to do macrame because it needs a lot of time to spend in one work.

Yelin: I usually watch netflix or anime with some snacks next to me or if I feel like I’m being too lazy I do some drawings. When I’m hungry and bored at the same time I cook food with the recipes on the internet. Not often but I also do some workout at home too.

If you think your body is getting sluggish and you feel like doing nothing, you should definitely try out some of those above. I hope we can overcome this situation as soon as possible.

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