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MESAC Season 2 is Coming!

This upcoming Saturday commences season two of MESAC sports. Basketball, tennis, cross country, and wrestling.

Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

The MESAC basketball team battles against other schools to get the ball in hoops as much as possible, and win the title.

Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

The MESAC tennis team tries to win the tournament trophy by hitting as many winners as possible and winning their games.

Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

As you heard in the assembly cross country runs a 5 kilometer race, across all kinds of terrain such as grass, sand, mountains, and rocks. The MESAC cross country team will try to run the all terrain race in as little time as possible.

Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

MESAC wrestling will try to pin their opponent down, or take them out of the circle, and win MESAC wrestling. All these sport are looking for as many eighth graders as possible. They are always looking for new people to come out and try. What sport will you try out for leave your answers in the comments below.

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