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Movie Recommendations

Bored? Don't have anything to do? Can't find anything to watch? Is it too polluted to go out? Not to worry my friend, because the Super-Secret-Organisation-Not-Affiliated-With-The-Direct-Message is here to give you some movie/TV recommendations.

  • Stranger Things - Stranger Things is an action-packed series set in the 1980s. A group of friends find some mysterious events and something fishy going on with the government. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of them as they embark on a journey while uncovering the secrets of Hawkins. 12+

Why you should watch: Stranger Things is a must-watch, because of the exciting and intense storyline. It has a great plot, good acting, and good background music. Trailer:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) - Pirates of the Caribbean is a witty and funny movie. Captain Jack Sparrow joins forces with a blacksmith called Will. They set out to find the love of Will's life, who they suspect has been taken prisoner because of a priceless piece of jewellery. To the ramparts, me hearty!11+

Why you should watch: Pirates of the Caribbean will keep you laughing throughout and is the best cure for boredom. Trailer:

  • A Quiet Place - This is a movie where a family struggles to survive in a world where monsters are blind, but have supersonic hearing abilities. Any sound means death… 15+ or with a parent or friend

Why you should watch: A Quiet Place is a great movie to match with a friend. I will warn you that it is a bit scary, so check with someone first. It's thrilling and captivating and even though you might want to take your eyes off the screen - you won't. Trailer:

  • Dunkirk - Dunkirk is set in WW2 where Allied soldiers are trying to evacuate Northern France as German forces track them down. 12+

Why you should watch: You should watch Dunkirk because the director made the storyline exciting and smart. Three stories are linked together by the final scene. Trailer:

  • The Big Blue - The Big Blue is a stunning, enigmatic and sad film about a diver who lost his father. It features incredible underwater footage and is emotionally intense. I would recommend watching this with a parent or family as it is very grown-up. 14+ or with a friend or parent.

Why you should watch: The Big Blue is a film to watch because of the unforgettable imagery and the emotional intensity. Trailer:

  • Doctor Strange (the original) - An unfortunate car crash makes a neurosurgeon called Steven Strange diversify his interests and go to Nepal to learn from the so-called "Ancient One". PG

Why you should watch: Doctor Strange is a must-watch Marvel film because of the cool ideas about being able to pick your life up and diversify your interests even after a tragedy occurs. Trailer:

  • Wonder - Wonder is a family-friendly movie about a boy called Auggie with a face abnormality; he has finally joined a school and befriends a boy called Jack. The two of them bond while fighting bullies. U

Why you should watch: This movie is brilliant for a family movie night. Positive message and good acting. Trailer:

  • Meet the Parents - Greg Focker decides to spend a weekend with his girlfriend's parents before proposing to her. However, her father instantly dislikes Greg, which makes his stay far worse than he imagined. PG

Why you should watch: Meet the Parents is a brilliant movie to watch; it is very funny and clever. Robert de Nero is a comic genius. You won't stop laughing! Trailer:

  • Johnny English (all of them) - Johnny English is a hilarious movie series about a rather unintelligent, accident-prone agent who is called up for the job after an evil smuggler plans to steal the Queen's jewels. U

Why you should watch: You should watch Johnny English because it is a great mood booster and it is very comical. Trailer:

  • The Hunger Games (all of them) - The Hunger Games is a dystopian film about a girl called Katniss Everdeen in a dysfunctional society called Panem. She has to volunteer to go to a competition where only one person comes out alive. 12+

Why you should watch: The Hunger Games is one of the best dystopian movie of all time. It is a reminder of what our world could become and it has a fantastic storyline and plot. There is also some great CGI and acting. Trailer:

  • The Matrix - You don't watch the movie? Move on, believe whatever you want to believe. You watch it? See how deep the rabbit hole goes... 15+ or with a friend/parent

Why you should watch: The Matrix is a must-watch because it challenges the viewers' view of reality. It is thrilling and has a brilliant plot. Will you take the blue pill or the red pill? Trailer:

  • Ad Astra - Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a dangerous mission across the solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and a series of strange power surges. It stars Brad Pitt. 12+

Why you should watch: Ad Astra is one for all of the Sci-Fi fans reading. I personally love this film because of the great acting and smart storyline. Some may say this film is boring, but if you like Sci-Fi, this is the one for you! Trailer:

Thanks for reading guys! You can find more great content at Let me know if you enjoyed any of these films or tell me if I missed out on any great films. You can find me at


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