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Natural Disasters Around the World

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Recently around the world, a lot of natural disasters have occurred like earthquakes and floods, and they are causing serious problems. Let’s learn more about the natural disasters that happened recently.

On September 9th, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in southwestern Morocco in the village of Tafeghahte near Marrakech. So far, 2,012 people have died as a result of this earthquake. Buildings are broken everywhere, and the number of casualties is expected to increase further as many are critically ill and missing. There was actually a small earthquake in India as well. The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.0 and happened between Bangladesh and India. Some people living in Delhi also felt the earthquake early in the morning.

Earthquakes are not the only disasters though; there have been several major weather events as well. The worst storm, ‘Daniel’ occurred in the Mediterranean Sea, causing serious rain and flooding in Libya. About 4,000 people who were living close to the Mediterranean died, and the storm destroyed many buildings. There was also flooding in Spain on September 3. In just a few hours, the rain caused flooding, so at least 6 people died.

You can see more about Libya's flooding on this site

Like these natural disasters, today everywhere in the world it is happening. And it gets more often the time goes on. My other essay, ‘Flooding in Korea’ talks about the reason natural disasters get more often are climate change. It happens because of the gas, that is made when we drive a car, use refrigerators, or something like that. Those make the rain more often, causing those tragedies.

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Carter Hess
Carter Hess
Oct 06, 2023

I hope there are not more storms like this

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