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Opinion: School Lunches

In my opinion, I think that these new school lunches are a good idea. For starters, we have way less food wastage because everyone is eating all the food they take and not leaving the things they don’t want to eat out to just trash and waste. Personally, I have seen some people throwing out thriller entire boxes of food because of various reasons and that just wastes the time and the food made.

Another good thing is everyone gets their food preferences and gets to enjoy each part of their lunch. Other than kids getting their lunch with the certain food choices that they don’t like or won’t eat it’s better now because they get to pick out the things they like and enjoy them instead of eating or not eating something they don’t like.

Also before we used paper boxes which we just threw out into the trash after we were done eating but now we have reusable plates and utensils that can help save money and the school environment. By using the reusable plates we are really making them better and user-friendly for everyone. These are just some of the main reasons why these new school lunches are a great idea.

Even though these lunches are great there are still some bad sides such as long lines and less eating time. Students have to get out of class go to their advisory class to drop off their bags then go to the assigned cafeteria for getting lunch just to realize there is a long line of kids waiting their turn to get food. This does not make it very fun for the students to get their lunch as they have to wait in line to get 1 or 2 things.

Also because of these longs lines having to go to many places, it wastes and uses a lot of time and that gets taken away from their eating time and makes them rush and eat fast so we can be released for the break. These reasons do not doa favor the students and these are the bad sides of these new school lunches but I mean everything has a good and bad side.

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