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Opposite Day: A Variety of Opposites

On Tuesday, March 21, the MS students and faculty dressed up and acted for Opposite Day. Opposite day consisted of a great variety of creative opposites: teachers dressed as students (slides, funky socks, un-combed hair, saggy jeans, juice-spilled jackets), students dressed as teachers (ties, collared t-shirts, formal jeans), opposite shoes and socks, males dressed as females (wigs, high heels, dresses and necklaces), females dressed as males (pants lower than normal, plain shirts, backward hats) and much more.

A few students even thought of not coming to school because it was opposite of a normal day (though fortunately it didn’t happen. Or did it?)

Students and faculty even acted as their friends, classmates, students or teachers, and some even came up with a whole new identity! Overall, Opposite Day was very fun to experience and showed great creativity from the Middle School. Enjoy the rest of Spirit Week, and vote for Opposite Day next year to have the great experience again!

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

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