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Places to Visit in India

Sometimes there is a short or long vacation in school, and then what will you do in that time? I think most people will say ‘How about the trip?’ But where will you go to travel? If it is a short vacation going out of India and coming back will use most of the vacation. So I will introduce some wonderful places in India you can even go on a short vacation by car or plane.

For Animal Lovers

If you love animals, I recommend you Ranthambore or Jim Corbett. Those places are famous for safaris. If you are lucky, you might see a real tiger! The best month to see a tiger is from November to February. Because there will be fewer leaves and the weather will be chill, you can see animals! Fall vacation or Diwali will be a perfect time to go. In both places, we can go by car. Jim Corbett will take about 5 hours by car, and Ramtambore will take between 5 to 6 hours. To do the safari tour, both places you must reserve the slot. If you reserve on the day you planned to do a safari tour, you might not get a slot.

See the Mountains

Or if you love mountains and nature, Manali would be a good place for you. Manali is located up on the mountain, close to the Himalayas. Because it is located in a high place, it is cold and the air is so good. Some places in Manali have a hot spring. But they can go with the only bus because they need to pass the cliff. It will take 13 hours if you go from Delhi, so you need to carry warm clothes, simple light food, and water. If you want to go, you could visit the Himalayas because it is so close to Manali. But it is colder than Manali, you need to take a lot of warm clothes. I couldn’t go because I didn’t have warm clothes.


Also if you love beaches, Goa, Kovalam, or Palolem will be good. I think most of you went to Goa. Kovalam is a beach, but it has a lot of fun things to do. Something like if you like riding boats to see the animals or views, I recommend you to go to Kovalam and ride the boat tour to Golden Beach. It is riding a boat and going to Golden Beach because it is surrounded by water. So the main in Kovalam is Golden Beach. It is fun to collect the sea shells, too.

Picture from Kovalam Golden Beach

Train Travel

Finally, if you love train trips, Shimla will be the best place to visit in India. Shimla has a train that is in the UNESCO heritage. Which is Toy Train, as you can see in the name, it is really small. It is close to Manali, so it is located on the mountain, and really cold (so you must take a lot of thick clothes). But the view from the top of the mountain is really cool, so I think it is the place you must go when you live in India. Traveling time is 6~7 hours in the car when we start in Delhi. And it is 2000 meters up from sea level, so it is hard to breathe (a little bit, but there are many stairs and uphill, so your breath will run out faster).

Do you have some places you think you want to go to in this article? It will be a good idea if you search the places to go in India, too. I haven’t written this article, but there are many amazing places in India when you research. Enjoy your vacation!

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