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Prem Talk Matchday 22

Updated: Feb 7

Photo from Creative Bloq CC-BY

Welcome to Prem-Talk where we talk about what's happening in the English Premier League this week. 

Looking Back:

As we come to the end of another eventful matchday, let’s take a quick peek at what has happened in our top game! Our top game was Liverpool vs. Chelsea which was an absolute trashing to the London blues.  4-1 to Liverpool so let’s take a look at the key events. Portuguese international Diogo Jota took an early lead in the 23rd minute followed by a second goal in the 39th minute by the Reds’ youngster, Conor Bradley. The 20-year-old Northern Irishman scored (for those of us who play FIFA,) a driven ground pass to the bottom left corner but the Serbian goalkeeper Đorđe Petrović was simply unable to reach the ball. A questionable choice by Chelsea if you ask me. The rest of the match was pretty much torture for Chelsea. Liverpool could have gone easier because all they get is the three points after the W

MOTM: Conor Bradey

As It Stands:

Liverpool continues to stay at the top this time followed by Arsenal. The Gunners put up a good fight but Man City and Aston Villa trail not far behind with a three-point difference. So far, Liverpool has maintained their top-notch standard and the end of the season is closer than we realise they are probably preparing their trophy case for a new trophy.

Looking Forward:

As we now look forward to Matchday 23, we are enthusiastic for the following matches to take place: 

  • Man City vs. Everton (10th February)

  • Wolves vs. Brentford (10th February)

  • Fulham vs. Bournemouth (10 February)

  • Tottenham Hotspur vs. Brighton & Albion (10th February)

  • Luton Town vs. Sheffield United (10th February)

  • Liverpool vs. Burnley (10th February)

  • Nottingham Forest vs. Newcastle (10th February)

  • West Ham vs. Arsenal (11th February)

  • Aston Villa vs. Man United (11th February)

  • Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea (13th February)

Leave a comment on which match you are excited about!

TDM's Top Game

Every Matchday there are 10 fixtures and our top pick for this week is Aston Villa vs. Man United (11th February). We are choosing this one as our game of the week because not only is there a substantial amount of Man United supporters but also a club which has a cycle of losing, losing and losing until a sudden victory and Ten Haf gets to keep his job then another victory and right when the Red Devils think they are in the clear, the cycle restarts. Aston Villa has been doing surprisingly well this season and has shown outstanding courageousness in some of the more difficult matches

That’s all for the Matchday 22 recap, we’ll see you next time at the end of  Matchday 23.

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1 commentaire

Vivaan, no doubt that the teams with Spanish coaches will win, so:

Manchester City (Guardiola) beats Everton.

Bournemouth (Andoni Iraola) beats Fulham.

Arsenal (Mikel Arteta) beats West Ham.

Aston Villa (Unai Emery) beats Manchester United.

About the rest, I don´t know.

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