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Prem-Talk (Matchday 6)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Photo from Creative Bloq

Welcome to Prem-Talk where we talk about what's happening in the English Premier League this week.

Looking Back:

Matchday 6 hosted lots of interesting games as well as a few boring ones. Chelsea had a very disappointing result at Stamford Bridge, after losing to Aston Villa 0-1, while they looked promising with Sterling and Mudryk creating chances, Chelsea's goalkeeper, Sánchez also did well. Chelsea's promising first half was not visible in the second, with them conceding a goal from the Aston Villa forward, Ollie Watkins, in the 73rd minute. An exciting game, with goal-after-goal action, was Newcastle against Sheffield United. Newcastle started the first half strong, with them scoring 3 goals. They then were able to add 5 more in the second. This is the first time in Premier League history that all 8 goals were scored by 8 different players.

As It Stands:

Manchester City continue to hold their position at the top of the table with Liverpool just two points below them. Brighton is having a very good season so far with the Seagulls being third with 15 points. Tottenham (4th) and Arsenal (5th) with 14 points for both of them. At the bottom of the table Burnley, Luton, and Sheffield all face relegation if they don’t start to get more points. Chelsea are still in 14th with just 5 points. Manchester United (9th) and Newcastle (8th) have started to look better with the two clubs being tied on 9 points.

Looking Forward:

Matchday 7 is up next, the fixtures are:

  1. Aston Villa vs. Brighton (30th September)

  2. Man United vs. Crystal Palace (30th September)

  3. Newcastle vs. Burnley (30th September)

  4. Wolves vs. Man City (30th September)

  5. Bournemouth vs. Arsenal (30th September)

  6. West Ham vs. Sheffield United (30th September)

  7. Everton vs. Luton Town (30th September)

  8. Tottenham vs. Liverpool (30th September)

  9. Nottm Forest vs. Brentford (1st October)

  10. Fulham vs. Chelsea (3rd October)

TDM's Top Game

Out of all 10 fixtures, I think that Tottenham against Liverpool should be an interesting matchup. Tottenham have a deadly offensive, mainly when it comes to Son Heung-min, who, in Tottenham’s last game against Arsenal, scored both goals. Liverpool, however, also has a good offensive, with Salah and Nunez. Liverpool also have some big names in the defensive, with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Van Dijk. It should be an exciting match and it’s interesting to see which team comes out on top.

That’s all for the Matchday 6 recap, in this edition of Prem-Talk, we’ll see you next time after Matchday 7.

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