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Saying Goodbye to Seniors

This year's 12th grade senior graduates!
Image by AES

This Friday, there will be a Senior Walk as a part of the High School Graduation. The 12th graders will walk around the AES campus and remember all the places where they grew up. It will happen in the morning, from 8:00 am to 9:25 am.

The HS graduates will gather in front of Gate 5, and prepare to walk around the campus. At 9:00 the walk will begin. The first place of the walk is the Elementary School. They will walk along the hallway of the ES, with the cheering of the ES students. The next place will be the Middle School at about 9:05 am. The Middle Schoolers will also congratulate the graduates. You will get the chance to make signs for the graduates in an advisory on Wednesday and Thursday.

The last place is the High School building; all the HS parents will gather on the 1st floor, and celebrate the graduation in the HS Atrium. After 10 minutes of celebration, the graduates will go to the theatre to finish up the ceremony.

It is just one part of the graduation ceremony, and there will be other so many celebrations are coming, not just the Senior Walk. And, the method to respect and congratulate the graduates that we (MS students) can do is, seriously cheering to the seniors and say goodbye.

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