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Shrek Jr. Preview

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Artwork by Beeri CC-BY

Less than one week away is the long-awaited Shrek Jr play. The cast and drama classes have been putting an exceptional effort toward producing the play. During the Friday assembly on March third, the Shrek cast gave the middle school an insight into what the production will look like. One student, Junha in grade 8, walked into class after the assembly even more excited to watch the play, “Wow, marketing really does work. I'm actually really excited to see the Shrek play after that teaser! It looks pretty funny.”

Student perform in the Shrek Jr. "teaser' for the MS assembly on March 3. Photo by Ms. Cullen CC-BY

Ms. Grimes, the theater teacher, explained that there has been so much work going on behind the scenes, “The preparation for the play has been crazy and chaotic, and we have to trust that everyone is doing their part to make the play the best it can be.”

Samrath working on the behind the scenes of the Shrek play Photo by Carmin CC-BY

At first, the task seemed difficult, edging to nearly impossible. However, as time has passed, the pieces have fallen into place to put on a magical production. The excellence of the Shrek Jr. show has not come through pure luck, but through “continuous practice on every school day dating back to December,” said Ms. Grimes.

Students working on props for the Shrek play Photo by Sojeong CC-BY

The amount of effort put in to create this play definitely makes it one not to be missed. Make sure to buy your tickets from the AES Reception, MS Office, Gate 2, or Online.

Manet working on a costume for the upcoming Shrek play Photo by Sojeong CC-BY

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