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Someone Stole Samuel!!

There is urgent news regarding the eight-grade camel competition; Samuel the Camel was stolen during the Fort Frenzy competition on Wednesday, March 3rd.

After a fantastic victory by the Feeley/Elkins in the camel competition earlier the same day, Samuel went into their possession, and Ms. Elkins picked it up from the room previously known as the Gr8 room, and carried it throughout Fort Frenzy.

Sources say, “Ms Strever stole it while Ms Elkins was distracted and threw it at a student. No one knows who received it,” although Max and Amelia D. are prime suspects. Ms. Strever informed the eight grade students it's on the third floor. Students from all advisories searched throughout the floor, looking for him, even making posters about his disappearance and spreading the news throughout the middle school.

Posters can be found throughout the school drawing even more attention to the tragedy of the missing camel. Image by Nicky CC-BY

Classrooms throughout the third floor are under investigation, and breaks are now used exclusively to search for our missing comrade, with no lockers left unchecked. The Makerspace is very likely to be where he is hidden, as it is the biggest and most filled room. Samuel is still missing, and any information is appreciated; please email Mr Feeley or Ms Elkins with any information you may have, or leave a comment on the article!

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