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Spring time is a lot of work


Spring is my favorite time of year and I wait for it all year. I love nature and the weather. We all know that the campus is beautiful, but do you know why? That's why I interviewed Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur, who is the brains behind making the campus so gorgeous.

Everyone who helps the campus looks like this works so hard all year long. I really couldn't imagine work that hard all year long. kiddos to the gardener.

Even though it seems like a hard job, it seems like it's really fun. Ms. Kaur said “flowers are my passion actually landscaping is my passion” so this seems like a dream job.

It takes a lot of manpower to make the campus so amazing. For example every single weekend the gardener takes all the plants up to the top of the middle school roof because where their nursery is behind the tennis courts doesn't get much sunlight so they have to move it up to the roof to get more sunlight. So if you ever want to go up to the middle school roof the 500 plants might get in the way.

In conclusion it takes a lot more work than I thought it would to please the bees and the humans. Next time you see flowers or any type of plant here don't pick them or hurt them because there is lots of time and effort that goes into them.


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