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Student Exit Interviews: 7th Grade Part Four

This year, 65 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Each week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are the interviews of 3 of the 24 7th graders who will be leaving AES this year.

Gabriela Rivera Jones, 7th Grade Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

“Although I have been at AES for only 2 years, I have learned that AES is a diverse, interesting, fun, and special experience. I hope that my sense of humor will be remembered when I leave. I will miss the treasurable experiences with my friends, and the teachers.I will be moving back to North Carolina, where I plan to continue playing sports, and hangout with friends.”

Kai Lewis, 7th Grader Photo Credit: Mr Rubin

“I first came to AES in 5th grade, and I am now leaving, after 3 years. AES has been a spontaneous, exciting, stressful, dramatic, and thrilling experience. I hope that people will remember me by my performances in theatre productions. I will miss the friendships that I created. I am going to a boarding school in Scotland, where I plan to stay for 5 years, and hope to make close friends just like here.”

Scott Fowler, 7th Grade Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

“I have been at AES for 3 years, and AES has been a big and diverse community, where I can play sports. I hope that people will remember me as a fun guy, a guy that loves playing sports, and jokes around. I will miss many opportunities for activities like ASIAC. Just like the time in AES, I hope to have a great time in Manila, Philippines, where I am moving to next.”

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