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Student Exit Interviews- 7th Grade Part Three

This year, 65 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Each week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are the interviews of 4 of the 24 7th graders who will be leaving AES this year.

Anika Somaia,7th grader Photo Credit:Mr.Rubin

“I have been at AES for 3 years, and over those years I have had vibrant opportunities, great memories, and lots of freedom. I hope my friends will remember me by the memories we had, the laughter, the smiles, and all the fun. What I will miss most about AES is the friendly community, and the amazing friends I have made during the years I have been here. I am going to be moving to the UK for boarding school.

Lily Wealer, 7th grader Photo Credit:Mr.Rubin

“I have been at AES for two years now, the five words I would use to describe my experience at AES would be Adventure, Unique, Motivating, Inspiring, and most importantly, Unforgettable. I hope that other teachers and students will remember me as somebody who likes to have fun. I hope whenever they hear my name, they will think of something that makes them smile or laugh. I will miss a lot of the things at AES. Some of these include, my friends, my teachers, the campus, and the unexpectedness of it all. You never know what’s gonna happen that day. I am going to move to El Salvador after this post. My plans include learning Spanish and being able to speak fluently to the natives when I arrive. I also hope to continue learning the violin and hopefully become really good at it. Another thing I want to continue is Drama.”

Lucie Kuhling, 7th grader Photo Credit: Mr.Rubin

“I have been at AES for 3 years. If I could describe my experience st AES in five words I would describe it as, different, diverse, fun, friends, inclusive. I hope that other students or teachers will remember me as someone that brighten their day or made them enjoy daily moments. I think that I will miss my friends the most. I’ll also miss my classes and teachers. AES, was a great school to go to. I’m moving to Moscow, Russia. I plan on enjoying every moment, including the snow, but never forget my experiences at AES.”

Navya Kapoor, 7th grader Photo Credit: Mr.Rubin

“I have been at AES for 4 years, over those years I have had an amazing , a joyful and a developing experience. I hope that teachers at AES and the students who I have been close to will remember me as a positive influence on this amazing community. AES has taught me many things that I hope I take into the future. What I will miss most about AES is not only how multiple teachers make learning a very enjoyable experience, I will also miss the welcoming community. I have made so many close friends, and have built strong connections with teachers as well. I don’t think I’ll be able to find something like it anywhere else. I will be moving to Manhattan, New York. I’m planning to attend UNIS. We haven’t decided the place we’re living yet, but it’s most probably going to be on the Upper Side of town. I’m excited to get a chance to be more independent there, but do understand that some safety precautions have to be made. The school that I’m going to seems like a great school for my interests, and from what I’ve seen the kids seem really nice over there.”

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