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Student Exit Interviews: 8th Grade – Part One

This year, 65 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Each week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are the interviews of 5 of the 25 students in 8th Grade who will be leaving AES this year.

Emma Carmon-Froim

“I have been at AES for 4 years. Also it’s too good to describe in five words. I hope my peers and teachers will remember a cheerful and outspoken girl. I think I will miss the cheerful atmosphere. You walk onto campus, and you instantly become happier. Whether you’re in class, at break, or even hanging out after school, there’s always a reason to be happy when you’re on the AES campus. In my opinion, that is one of the main things that makes AES stand out from other schools. I am moving back to Israel. Although I love that place, I am hoping to leave for another posting soon after in order to graduate with an IB diploma. One of the biggest things that bother me about moving back to Israel at this age is that graduating with an IB diploma is super rare.”

Fareed Al Siyaby

“I’ve been at AES for 8 years. I’ll describe AES as the best time of my life. I hope everyone will remember me as a guy who people could ask about anything and he’ll do it whether it be going to get something for a teacher or being able to rest their head on my shoulder just to talk. I’ll miss the people like friends and teachers and the culture of the school. I’ve learned many things here and I’m happy to say that AES was the only place I felt at home in India. I will be moving to Canada by myself and I’m going to be attending Sinclair High school. I’ll be attending school with my cousin who I will also be staying with.”

Amaya Malik

“I have been at AES for 7 years. I would describe my experience at AES as a different type of journey. I hope my teachers remember me as a positive and quiet person in class and I hope my friends remember me as a cheerful and active person who likes to make random jokes. I will miss the great friends that I have made and some of the teachers that I have learned with. I will also miss the teams I have been part of and the facilities at AES. I am moving California and I’m going to a private school there.”

Jasmin Toor

“I’ve been at AES for 2 years now, since the beginning of seventh grade. My experience at AES in 5 words are friends, sports, India, international, together. I hope other students will remember me as a nice, athletic person. A friend, and a good student. I will miss my friends, and the sports I play- and who I play my sports with. I am moving to Washington DC, my plans are to stay there until my IB years. Then I might go to a boarding school. All along I will try to get a scholarship.”

Ho Seung Choi

“I have been at AES for 2 years. I would describe my experience at AES as learning, traveling, socializing, enjoying, caring. I hope people remember me as a funny Korean guy, or just a cool friend. There are so many things that I’ll miss about AES, but I will miss my friends the most because they are the most important thing in my life. I’m going back to Korea, and my school will also be an international school, Seoul Foreign School. It’s the biggest international school in Korea, and I expect it to be as good as AES. I’ll try to do the same thing as I did when I first came to AES. Even though I’m going back to Korea, AES will always be in my memory, and I will make sure to keep in touch with people.”

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