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The Most Frequent Direct Message Reader and Commenter

How many posts have you read? Have you left any comments on The Direct Message?

Out of the 28 comments on The Direct Message, two people stand out the most. Jesús has written 6 comments, and Varun has 4 comments. We really appreciate them commenting on the posts, as it encourages the DM Team to publish more content.

“I like The Direct Message because it tells me what’s going around school, and it’s fun to read.” – Jesús Bóveda DE Castro
“I read The Direct Message because it is interesting to read, and gives me insight into the school. It is a really nice place to read.” – Varun Cairae

We are please to announce The Direct Message Most Frequent Readers and Commenters as Jesús and Varun.

We hope to have more readers like Varun and Jesús next year.

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