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The Return of the ICFF

With over 800 people attending, this year's International Culture and Food Fair was a hit. Students and families enjoyed themselves on a Holi Obstacle Course and ate delicious food from around the world. Entertainment was provided, including singing, dancing, musical performances from strings, and more. Did you participate in the raffle? Baskets were prepared by various countries with delicious treats and other giveaways inside!

We had tons of people volunteering at the food stalls. 17 countries all shared their fascinating foods including hot dogs from Belgium, waffles from Norway, chicken from Korea, falafels from Israel, Maple Taffies from Canada, Arepas from Venezuela, and more. Everyone was super happy and having lots of fun trying these new foods. The most popular stall was Belgium. Did you see the line outside their stall? They had great hot dogs and bacon-wrapped chicken that everyone enjoyed.

Due to COVID, instead of having a ‘normal’ Holi event, students and families could run through an obstacle course set up on the MS Field where adults threw colored powder at them. After the course, they could have fun with the colored powder by dumping it on each other and turning themselves into walking pieces of artwork.

It’s safe to say that the Food Fair this year was a huge success, and we’ll all be back for more next year. What was your favorite stall? Let us know in the comments below!

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