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They Come with a ‘BOOM!’

‘BOOM!’ There’s a rattle with the impact of Hulk landing on the ground. Except it isn’t a superhuman. It’s…

A Trend. Fidget spinners, hoverboards (unfortunately, not the ones on Subway Surfers. That’d be awesome though. Wait a minute… Subway Surfers was also a trend too!), silly bands, memes, slime…

Remember those times, when your friends secretly hid the trendy gadget under the tables in class, avoiding the teacher’s eyes as much as possible? The leap of your heart with desire and jealousy and “want” for that cool new gadget the kid across from you is spinning on their finger; and a huddle of kids surround them chatting intensely, peering over till they trip on another’s untied shoelaces (which is a serious problem, PEOPLE!) What can you do but stare?

You go home and come up with a meticulous plan to get the spinner everyone has and everyone’s talking about. With a look at social media, you see it’s gone viral! ‘Fidget Spinners Rock the World’. Either pleading to your parents that “Everyone has it except me! Do you want me to be the odd one out?” (This is not how you should treat your parents. But, in this case, to get what you want… it’s the only way.)

Or, use your Humanities skills and write a persuasive essay! This may take much time, but hey – parents LOVE to see you apply your learning to things outside of school!

However, if you like to go undercover and have a secretive personality about you, you may go on an online shopping website (go AMAZON!), order the spinner, click on door delivery and make sure your parents aren’t in sight when you open the door. You pay for your package with your OWN money (stealing is never OK, however the rules can bend a little with siblings), and ta-da! There’s one more though. Ready for the last possible option? The classic…

Ask your Grandparents! After undergoing the usual pinches of the cheeks and having to assist with technology (this applies to some, not all), grandparents LOVE to make their grandchildren happy and see those “bright, wide, twinkling!” smiles. After sidestepping your parents who will most likely convince your Grandparents out of it, saying “they don’t deserve it!” – you’ve probably got it! But this is only part of it.

So you’ve got the cool spinner, and guess what? Your friends are obsessing over you for a week, just like the kid’s fan mob across from you a few days ago! Then, another week! And another! And another… but they start paying less attention. Soon, that attention over your awesome spinner has died out. Popularity decreases on social media. Soon, it starts slipping off your mind, and where does it go? Abandoned for almost all of eternity inside a dusty drawer secluded away from the rest of the world (how would you feel, PEOPLE?!) What next?

A click on social media, a look at the kid across from you with a mob of people surrounding them which gives your heart a leap of jealousy. ‘BOOM!’ There’s a rattle with the impact of Hulk landing on the ground. Except it isn’t a superhuman again. It’s…

The next trend: slippery colored goop that slips through your fingers. ‘Colorful Slime Rocks the World!’ It’s the same cycle all over again. With a large impact, over time it soon slips away, secluded yet again in your dusty, solitary drawer.

So what does this ‘Cycle of Trends’ mean? (This is not a real thing, but I’m pretending I’m a data analist.) Well, I’m wondering if we have problems with easily getting BORED, or if we’re just an awesome generation (we do have our MAJOR faults. But let’s just keep us as awesome, right?) that always has new ideas ready for any occasion. Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out what the next trend is. How about you?

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