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Tiger’s Den Should Be Open For MS

CC- By Arjun

Tiger’s Den is a great place to hang out at the end of the day. But why can’t middle school students be there at lunch? The high schoolers are allowed, so why can’t the MS, too? I think that the MS should be allowed as a place to eat lunch for MS for several reasons.

First, the Tiger’s Den has options that the lunch order form and cafeteria don’t have. The form offers only limited options. One example of how this is a problem is that I don’t eat gluten, so I can’t order anything from the form. And because middle schoolers can’t enter the Tiger’s Den, I can’t eat anything from there throughout the school day. Arjun, from 7th grade, said that it could help students, “who forgot to order online and forget to bring food; they can just walk to the Tiger’s Den and order what they want. It is a very nice place.”

Second, the Tiger Den feels like a restaurant and gives a nice feeling. It’s a charming place to hang out and eat. You can also hang out with people to interact with the other students and socialize. This would help build our middle school community. Mishika, from 7th grade, said: “I love how it is a very cozy and comfortable area, and I would love to spend my time eating in the Tiger’s Den instead of the cafeteria."

Finally, opening the Tiger’s Den at lunch gives you more responsibilities and prepares you for high school. Doing that makes the student feel more comfortable moving through high school. Ella and Maya, from grade 6th, said: “The Tiger’s Den is an excellent place to hang out. All the teachers think we won’t make it to class on time, but we are more responsible than the high schoolers and can attend class on time."

In conclusion, the Tiger’s Den should be open for MS students during lunch. Middle schoolers can attend class on time and enjoy their lunch at the Tiger’s Den.

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