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Tips for a Terrific Online Learing!

Calling all MS students, online learning is starting again (you probably know that) for 2 whole weeks. It’s very disappointing not being able to go to school because of the rising COVID cases. Here are a few tips to keep your online school days bright! Read closely…

  • Mullet-wear: Change your top in the morning to look good...but keep those PJ pants on to stay comfortable. Business on top, party on the bottom.

  • Make a gif-loop of yourself looking insightful to use as a virtual background while you go and get yourself a snack. Your teacher will never be the wiser. Just make sure you are quick so you can get back to learnin’.

  • Makerspace yo-self: Get a cardboard cutout of you to replace you in class and go make cookies in the kitchen.

  • Virtual backgrounds: Want to be in school learning? Just snap a pic of a classroom and put it as your VB, it’ll be like nothin ever happened.

  • Support animals: If you have pets, make sure they’re in the room (and on camera) so they can learn with you.

  • Learn and lounge: Change your camera angle to hide that you’re still in bed

  • Sneak and Snack: Have your snacks just right off camera and sneak them in during class, but turn your camera off as you do so, and say “yeah….it’s just my internet”

  • A perfect alibi: Record your parents asking you to do something then play that recording with your mic on when your teacher calls on you. Bonus: make it ridiculous...something like “clean out the fridge.”

Well, these are all the tips we have! We hope these will help you keep online school fun & interesting🤩. Leave comments if you have any more tips to share. Have fun!

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