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Track & Field

P.E., maybe your favorite class. If possible, it just got better!! Two weeks ago we started our new unit, Track & Field. This sport fits anyone, you can be a runner, jumper or have a lot of arm strength and be good at throwing. It is very tiring but still a lot of fun, we will be working with many different events during these two months such as:

Running:50m100m200m400m800mJumping:Long jumpHigh jumpThrowing:Shot putDiscus

Students have already started practicing to get their name on the record board, such as Aadit Jain who has his high jump already at 1.55m which is probably higher than most of you. And Emma Carmon who is also competing for high jump at 1.48m. Maybe you can beat one of them! Practice hard and I bet you that someday your name will pop-up on that board.

To have your Shot put at 12m or your 100m dash with a time of 11sec, requires a lot of hard work. And to get you started with this practice join the after school Track & Field activity, this is happening during Tuesdays and Thursdays. And if your an 8th grader you’re in luck because, you can tryout for MESAC Track.

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