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Traveling Through Airports During COVID 19

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Image: “Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara met with HING members at the Kahului Airport during an operational circulation visit”/#PACOM/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Airports have always been a busy and crowded place now with the COVID 19 pandemic, airports all over the world have had to take many safety precautions to ensure everyone will remain healthy. Airports are filled with people from around the globe which means they could very easily be spreading the virus from their original location to their travel destination.

Since airports are such a crowded spot they’ve needed to make some important rules like mandatory face coverings, keep at least six feet between yourself and other passengers, you can’t share a row with someone who you aren’t traveling with, bins at security must be cleaned between use and many countries require you to have a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to arriving at the airport.

This might be tricky but try your best to stay away from crowded areas when at the airport. If you decide to travel during a pandemic you also have responsibilities to keep yourself and others safe by wearing a mask and washing your hands. It might even be best to wear two masks or at least a thick protected mask like a N-95. That will decrease your chance of catching or spreading the virus.

Image: “200716-N-SD965-0016”/NavyMedicine/CC PDM 1.0

Many people might still be skeptical about flying because other travelers at the airport aren’t always doing what they’re supposed to. I can say from personal experience there are a handful of people not wearing masks properly and if you aren’t wearing them correctly it’s not going to do any good. In fact a lot of airlines have kicked people off of flights for refusing to put on a mask.

If you choose to travel during COVID 19 you really need to take every precaution necessary.

Luckily though very few COVID cases have been traced to planes; that’s because the air volume is being refreshed every 2-4 minutes and the filters used on commercial airlines can clean out about 99% of virus particles. Traveling by plane has actually been shown to be safer than many other modes of transportation. As long as everyone safely keeps their mask on the entire flight it’s quite safe.

Airports are trying very hard to keep everyone safe from COVID with new rules and guidelines. But it’s also up to the ones going on planes to stay safe and do their part. Things have changed everywhere since this pandemic especially when it comes to traveling but it’s all for the better.

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