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We are International - Food Fair and More

Image by Minsuh CC-BY

As a part of the international week, AES holds the international food fair. The international food fair is a known school event. The food fair has been a combination of worldwide food and events, including raffles. At the food fair, you, combined with a team (this includes parents) from a country you are from or a country you hold close to heart, can make food from that country to serve at your country's stall.

Students can buy food from over 15 countries, including Israel, Japan, Germany, France, and the United States. Tickets are required to purchase items from the food fair. Food tickets coupons are 100 rupees (Some food items may cost multiple tickets)

The cost of each raffle ticket is 50 rupees. Food prices vary depending on the size of the dish or other factors, but they typically range from 1-2 tickets per item. This is the biggest community event, with all proceeds sponsoring new student events or improving school lunches. The international food fair takes place on Sunday, Mar 6. You will need to book time slots. You can choose either 11:30-1:45pm or 1:45-3:30pm.

Check out this video from a previous year!

"I want to eat the maple candy at the Canadian stall" -Anna Bae.

Sign up to come to this event by clicking this link.

Host a Food Stall or cultural event by clicking this link

While the middle school does not do an international week, we are still part of the School-Wide International Day, on Friday, Feb 25.

On International Day, all the students, teachers, and AES staff will participate in a parade wearing clothes from their country or with their countries' colors. And then there will be a short assembly with performances.

On the same day, AES is hosting a Holi event.

The Holi Color Run is an obstacle course created on the MS field. You can enjoy the fun of color and getting color on yourself without contacting other people. It will have obstacles such as hurdles, tire runs, slides, and sack races to name a few activities. It takes place on the same day as the international food fair. Tickets for the Holi Run are 300 rupees if you pre-book and 400 rupees per ticket on the day.

We hope to see you there!

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