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Wet Fort Frenzy Friday!

Fun activities. Getting wet at the end of the day with your friends. And did we mention short classes? I bet you're excited about the upcoming Fort Frenzy. Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to cover what’s up with the WET fort frenzy.

Students particpate in the SpongeBob Wet Pants competition at the 2022 Fort Frenzy. Photo by Isaac Currey CC-BY

Fort Frenzy is a competition between the four forts: Peela, Neela, Laal, and Hara. About twice a semester, the middle school holds a Fort Frenzy activity where the forts compete to earn points. At the end of the year, all the points are added up to determine the winner of the Fort Cup. There is a special schedule on for WET Fort Frenzy, with 60-minute classes instead of 80-minute classes. That leaves an hour and a half at the end of the day for Fort Frenzy.

During the WET Fort Frenzy, there are a series of activities that students rotate through. Each person has already been placed in a group based on their fort and grade. The rotations include:

  • Sponge Bob Wet Pants

  • Holey Relay Batman

  • Slippery Salmon

But don’t worry, you will also be given a rest station to get water and relax. Each activity differs from the last, but you will be given the same opportunity to win points as the other Forts. Aarav, who participated last year said, “I really enjoy it when everyone comes together as a community for the Fort Frenzy.”

Pick the Fort Frenzy winner, and you could win!

Do you like winning free stuff? We thought so! If you want a chance to win a yet-to-be-determined prize, try to guess the order the Forts will rank depending on how many points. If you guess how all the forts will rank correctly, you will be automatically put into a raffle. Out of everyone who enters the raffle, one winner will be chosen to win the prize. If no one answers correctly, then no one will get the award. Thanks for reading. Subscribe to get the newest updates on

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