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What could be the meaning of life?

Another Monday I’m writing this draft. The more times pass I can feel like the whole world is collapsing for some reason. I don’t know,but I can feel it. When I was young, I used to always think. “I wonder when my life, or when will our world end?”. We’ve found and discovered so far many times. We existed thousands and thousands of years ago. However we haven’t discovered much yet. Our life so far is at a small step. In my perspective, it is a huge history. We still have many places we haven’t explored yet. As an example: we only found around 2% of the whole entire ocean. Even space!

Then all of a sudden, something hits me. When the virus is done. Will I change than before? I’m just curious about my future self. I hope he’s doing well..or what could he be doing? What would I do if after this? This is what I call wonder. People always wonder about everything! We find new things or learn about it. That is how Copernicus found that the sun was the center of our solar system. After he died, Galileo Galilei used Copernicus’s idea to find the moon of Saturn and the rings around it. Maybe one day, scientists, we people might find something that will find life-time, new galaxies and worlds.

So far we’ve discovered many things. How do you think Galileo Galilei could’ve found the rings of Saturn? Or what might’ve happened if Copernicus never explained about his ideas, “Heliocentric”?. Yet again I call that one curiosity. When I was a kid I used to have many types of curiosity, where was I from?, how did this event happen?, what could’ve brought me here?. Saying that don’t you ever think that time has suddenly gotten slower?

Think about the pasts you’ve experienced. It’s like those old days were like yesterday. Sometimes in my word, I could call that “Lag”. Why? I think you’ve heard about the word lag. Which simply means as an example your Wi-Fi or your internet connection is slower than the others. Once it’s back to normal everything changes so quickly. Like how I feel now. Yesterday was just me back in Elementary School then all of a sudden I became a Middle Schooler. Interesting right? Or maybe it’s just because I don’t remember many things in the past. Thinking of the past, I do remember a line from Kung-Fu Panda where master Oogway tells this line.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. (As if “Present”)”

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