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What is going on in Chelsea?

January 31st 2018: Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud had been bought by last year’s Premier League champions, Chelsea F.C who are also known as The Blues. They bought Giroud for a whopping £15.30 million… sounds a lot, right? But is he actually worth it and will Chelsea have a breakthrough on their losing streak? (With quick match summaries of Chelsea’s past games).

The past 3 games for Chelsea were not really good… first was an F.A Cup match against Newcastle with a surprising 3-0 win for the home team (Chelsea). 4 days later was a normal premier league match with Chelsea recently signing Olivier Giroud from Arsenal, and was playing at home against A.F.C Bournemouth. Chelsea had key players such as Marcos Alonso (Left midfielder), Eden Hazard (Attacking midfielder), Thibaut Courtois (Goalkeeper) and Pedro (Midfielder). Even though Chelsea had a stronger team with valuable players, they still lost the match with a disappointing score of 0-3 to the away team (A.F.C Bournemouth). Also, Giroud did not even debut his first match for Chelsea in that game. He was just sitting on the bench, smiling throughout the game even though his team was 3 goals behind. Their next game was an away game and it was against a team at the bottom of the table: Watford.

If you thought that Chelsea would win their next game because… well, Watford is around the bottom of the table? Surprisingly, you were wrong. The game started off humiliating for Chelsea as one of their players Tiémoué Bakayoko earned a red card only 30 minutes after kickoff. 12 minutes later the first goal of the game was conceded by Watford through a penalty kick. Finally, in the 64th minute, everybody, even Arsenal fans expected this: Olivier Giroud’s first game for Chelsea. He was substituted on for Pedro as the decision was made by Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte.

Olivier Giroud spectating the match before getting subbed in for Pedro. Photo credit: Getty Images

A goal was finally conceded for Chelsea 18 minutes after Giroud stepped onto the pitch. The goal was conceded by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard as it gave morale for Chelsea and also the score of 1-1. The game has just gotten worse for Chelsea as Watford went on to score 3 goals in 7 minutes! Giroud went on to play until the final whistle blew. The final score of the match was 4-1 to the home team (Watford).

After the signing of Olivier Giroud, I felt that Chelsea had a small downfall of losing games but I think that Olivier Giroud is actually worth it as he can also be useful and an attribute for Chelsea as he did a great job back in Arsenal. I am not always familiar of Chelsea losing more than 2 games in a row but I think that if Chelsea win their next game on Tuesday against West Bromwich, it can be a small boost to Chelsea to be in the top 3 on the Premier League table.

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